“The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. “

Oxford English Dictionary

Your brand reflects what a business stands for and what they can expect. When giving an explanation of why my clients should have a brand and not just a logo I usually explain it as try to think of your favourite company and tell me 10 things about them. What words describe your business and what it offers? How are you different to your rivals, or do you not have any? These and more are questions which we will ask of you in a branding concept conversation.

Branding guidelines include a contact page for me so that if you have any issues in the future, I can still help whether with your logo design or your branding.
A page from every Brand Guidelines

Logo and Branding Design Pricelist

Basic Branding Package £500

  • Initial Ideas board with 4 design options to choose from.
  • Unlimited changes to this until final design is confirmed
  • Final logo designed and delivered in multiple file types for any use
  • Alternative logos such as a key icon to represent your brand
  • Branding board to include fonts for use in printed and digital publishing, colour choices for your brand, logo principles such as spacing for when used in publication

Logo Only £400

  • Initial ideas board based on your answer to our design questionaire
  • 4 initial designs to choose from with unlimited changes until final design is confirmed
  • Final logo designed and delivered in multiple file formats for any use

Brand Board only £200

  • Your business brand is the image people see to represent your product or service.
  • Your fonts tell cutsomers what to expect from our business before they have even realised what you offer.
  • Your brand colours are unique to your business, What do you want to achieve.

Looking for stationery to go with your brand or a new website to get your brand out there. Look no further.